My dreams… I just, what

So I have this dream and I’m watching Game of Thrones, and then somewhere along the lines Vladimir Putin comes in and is like some creepy character sketchin’ around Sansa…

Suddenly, flash forward and fucking Putin has like commandeered my house and is scary as hell and won’t leave and he starts to like creep on me and I’m like shitting my pants…

And then flashforward again and suddenly he does a McGonagall and turns into a cat (but he’s a little ginge, you see), and I’m like oh thank god but at the same time still like careful as fuck and being nice to this cat cause it’s fucking Putin. And mums like ‘oi gimme a cuddle’ and scoops up this cat, and I’m like mouthing ‘OMG mum it’s Vladimir Putin, be nice! Fuck..’

And then suddenly I’m dreaming in my bed all as I’m dreamin’ (inception, heyooo) and then I sleepwalk onto my driveway and fall asleep against my Neighbours’ garage door and I’m tired as hell and like finally realise where I am and trudge inside half asleep and in my dream-dream state I’ve also moved my bed into the centre of the room, cause reasons?

Then flashforward the last time and I come home from like uni or work or something and Putin’s STILL there with all his dodgy Russian dudebros partying with sluts and I’m like FFS PUTIN, and then wake up.

But this dream was actually like super freaky cause I didn’t know if he’d ever leave :( also my subconscious is retarded.

Anonymous: I miss seeing your posts on my dash. You're just really really really cute.

Anooon, aaw! There’s nothing much new to report on this side you see! But thanks, this made my night!

Looks like my sis and I have a win a trip to Fiji! One more day of this comp we’ve entered but we’re 130 votes ahead and it closes tomorrow. 


Facebook has turned to shit. fuck off with your lame sponsored page memes and ice challenges. ugh.